Modist Brewing Co.

Modist Brewing Co. worked with Wood From The Hood to design and build their bar and bar back, using a mix of materials including steel, concrete and American Elm we created an eclectic design that fits the industrial warehouse they operate out of. They produce unique styles of beer and wanted a unique atmosphere made from local materials for their customers to enjoy the one of a kind beer they make.

Modist is all about celebrating those who modify and the spirit of innovation and creativity. When it came to designing our taproom, we wanted to showcase that very spirit by highlighting materials that lend themselves to modification (wood, metal and concrete, for example) – especially those produced by talented, local vendors.

When it came to designing and building our huge semi-circular bar, the focal point of our taproom, partnering with Wood from the Hood was an easy choice for us. Not only are they talented at transforming local, reclaimed wood in pieces of art, but they are also incredibly easy to work with. They went above and beyond for us on many occasions, taking the successful creation and installation of our bar as seriously as we did.

Ten months in, we could not be happier with the product and continuous service they’ve provided us. As we grow and evolve, Wood from the Hood will undoubtedly continue to be a preferred partner for us.

​-Modist Brewing Co.​


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