Box Elder Natural Edge Slab #BE100a (51″ x 13″ x 2″)


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*Only one of the two pictured remains.

Box Elder slab with a live edge, flat sawn; pale-white and light-brown with red and gray flames. Grain is straight with a fine even texture and faint contrast; curly figure throughout. Box Elder is a softer wood, often sought out for its red flames.

This slab comes from the 55406 zip code of Minneapolis, MN.  It measures 51″ x 13″ x 2″. It totals 9.2 BF and weighs approximately 23 lbs.

Request a shipping quote before you purchase and we’ll send you a link to finalize your order. Alternatively, slabs are available for pickup; we’ll call you within 2 business days from purchase to schedule an appointment.

*Where variable, measurements have been presented as an average in both length and width.

**Natural edge slabs are sold either hit and miss or rough sawn depending on the size of the individual slab; they are not sanded or finished.  They are milled from urban logs so they have unique character which can include knots, checking, and/or voids.  Please look closely at all pictures and ask questions before purchasing.

***Once purchased, a 20% restocking fee applies to all slab returns. Slab Return Policy


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