10″ x 20″ Cribbage Board – 3 Player Track – Spalted Maple


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If you’re a cribbage enthusiast this deluxe 3 player cribbage board is for you!

Made of solid reclaimed urban wood, these natural, live edge cribbage boards will provide a lifetime of pleasure, not only for playing the game of cribbage but just looking at the beautiful grains and patterns in the wood. Cribbage board includes 9 metal pegs that are held in place on the board by inserted magnets. The 3 player boards average about 20″ x10″ wide. Each board is marked with start, 30, 60 and 90 points. This cribbage board has a hanging hook on the back so when your not playing you can display your beautiful reclaimed board!

Note, wood grains will change with the beauty of the individual piece of lumber used to create the product.


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