Black Walnut Slab #9-10-19-04 (86″ x 33″ x 2.25″)


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This fine product is made of urban trees reclaimed from Minneapolis / St. Paul neighborhoods.

Natural edge slab measures approximately 86″ x 33″ x 2.25″.

This slab has been milled flat to the finished thickness listed above.

For online purchases, slabs are available for pickup; we’ll call you within 2 business days from purchase to schedule an appointment. Alternatively you can contact us to schedule an appointment to view slabs and/or discuss your specific urban lumber needs. No walk-ins please.

*Measurements have been presented as an average in both length and width.

**Live edge slabs are sold either flattened or rough sawn. They are not sanded or finished. They are milled from urban logs so they have unique character to each slab which can include knots, checking, and or voids depending on the condition of the log milled; please look closely at all pictures and ask questions before purchasing.

***Once purchased, a 20% restocking fee applies to all slab returns. Slab Return Policy


Characteristics of Black Walnut

Black Walnut is prized for its distinct purple-brown color—often with grey, purple, and/or deep sienna hues—and figure.  WFTH retains the contrasting purple and cream colors by notsteaming it.  (Whereas typical lumberyards steam their Walnut to force the dark color into the lighter sapwood, killing the purple color and bright contrasts.)  Grain is usually straight and faintly contrasted but can be irregular, has a medium texture and pores and a moderate natural luster.  Figured grain patterns such as curl, crotch, wave and burl are also seen. Black Walnut is rated as very durable.


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