Wood From the Hood Hurricane Relief

WFTH Online Customers Raise $600 in Hurricane Recovery Funds

Thank you to all purchased from the Wood From the Hood online store in September. We were able to donate over $200 to Americares during their 3 to 1 match campaign which provided over $600 worth of hurricane recovery funds here at home as well as hunger and health support for those in need in Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and India.

Below is a copy of our letter from Americares:


Dear Cindy,

I write you in thanks for your generous donation of $212.15 to Americares. With our Matching Gift Challenge in effect, your contribution will increase in value so that Americares is able to respond and help those in desperate need recover.

You’re helping us respond rapidly to the hurricane recovery efforts here at home and throughout the Caribbean. We’re also on the ground in Yemen, Somalia, and Kenya assisting with the hunger and health crisis, as well as actively responding to the devastating floods in India.

Your donation enables us to provide medical support (we’ve donated $15 billion in humanitarian aid in the last 38 years), and to respond to an average of 30 emergencies each year (that works out to two-and-a-half crises each month!).

And your compassion tells others that they are not alone – that there are kind people in this world who won’t let them suffer. Sending that message is beyond price!

So, I thank you sincerely for your generosity. We are already putting your gift to excellent use!

With sincere appreciation,

Michael J. Nyenhuis
CEO and President




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