Wood From The Hood reclaims many species of trees. Most can be dried and milled to make many different products. Whether you are looking for clear salvaged urban lumber or “character” wood for your project, we offer the raw materials to help you create one of a kind items with history and meaning built in.

Sold by the board foot, we carry many species. Our urban lumber is available in a variety of thicknesses and with either a cut or a natural edge. Milling is available to produce the exact dimensions you require. All of our urban lumber is dried to stabilize the boards and prevent checking and cracking of your final product.

Standard Stock

4/4 Elm, Ash, Red Oak and White Oak
8/4 Elm and Ash

Limited Stock

4/4 Walnut, Silver Maple, Red Elm and Hackberry
8/4 Black Walnut, Cherry, and Butternut


4/4 Urban Lumber Pricing $4.00-$8.00 BF depends on species, width and grade

8/4 Urban Lumber Pricing $6.00-$10.00 BF depends on species, width and grade

12/4 Live Edge Slab Pricing $12.00-$20.00 BF depends on species, width and grade

Urban lumber stock changes daily.

Unique slabs and other species available. A few coffee-table-sized slabs are available in our online store. But this is certainly not all of them; we have an entire warehouse full of options, viewable by appointment only.

View our Lumber Gallery

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific urban lumber needs or to get a price estimate.

Reclaimed Urban Hardwood Flooring

Wood From the Hood mills reclaimed urban hardwood flooring from most any recycled tree that is available to us in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area including: Elm, Ash, White Oak and Red Oak. Contact us directly to talk Wood From the Hood custom flooring or visit one of Wood From the Hood’s local urban hardwood flooring retailers.

American Elm Hardwood Flooring Wood From the Hood

Elm Urban Hardwood Flooring

Elm is an often forgotten wood with  a beautiful closed grain pattern. 3″ wide tongue and groove flooring. Random lengths.

Ash Urban Hardwood Flooring

Ash is similar in grain patterns to Oak. Open grained with beautiful patterns. Durable, hard surface. 2.25″ wide tongue and groove flooring. Random lengths.

White Oak Urban Hardwood Flooring

White Oak is a wonderful hard wood floor for high traffic areas.

Red Oak Urban Hardwood Flooring

Wonderful hard wood flooring with a little touch of red.