A Time to Plant A Time to Come Together Wood From The Hood

A Time to Plant. A Time to Come Together. Celebrating Earth Day at Home.

As we prepare for spring and start to hear the birds chirping, we know Earth Day is near. A day to rejoice in what Mother Nature has to offer us. Earth Day is April 22!

All the usual group-gathering Earth Day activities have been canceled. Our local Seward neighborhood in Minneapolis is encouraging folks to bring a garbage bag on a walk in the neighborhood and collect any trash or debris cluttering our streets.  People are advised to wear gloves / masks and, of course, maintain a safe 6 foot social distance.

During this time working from home, I have tried to count my blessing and forge on, to stay focused on our mission of giving back to the environment and reclaiming the urban trees from the landfill. My team has been busy milling, sorting and getting lumber ready for the projects in the works and the ones yet to come. I’m overjoyed that we have been able to keep busy!

The question remains, though, how can we celebrate Earth Day from home?

I thought I would share a story that’s been developing outside my window. Our new neighbors started growing microgreens and mushrooms to keep sane during all that is happening.

“Time feels better when you can measure it in food growth,” my neighbor said.

As the plants grew, my neighbors enlisted a request over a group text for recycled solo cups and plastic containers to house all their growing plants. Supplies were left on their doorstep by so many neighbors.

Then, they approached us via text to see if Wood from the Hood would have the material needed for new garden beds. We were thrilled to provide them some milled reclaimed telephone pole lumber that we had available.

Last weekend they installed the garden beds. It’s exciting to watch them work on a project – to help break the cabin fever – and knowing that the garden will someday also feed their family. What a wonderful time to plant! And, to come together as neighbors.


A Time to Plant A Time to Come Together Wood From The Hood

We really have some amazing neighbors coming up with creative ways to pass the stay-at-home time! Last weekend many of us donated requested recycled supplies and helped cut patterns for one of our neighbors making cloth face masks. Then, we were each given a facemask via our mailbox so that when we go out for supplies, we and others can stay safe, all doing our part is how we will get through this, Together!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Hope you too can find ways to celebrate Mother Earth from home!

Cindy & the WFTH team
(photos by Rory & Audra)


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