Four Tips To Create A Charcuterie Appetizer Masterpiece

Four Tips To Create A Charcuterie Appetizer Masterpiece

Four Tips To Create A Charcuterie Appetizer Masterpiece

Looking for a fun and easy appetizer option? Charcuterie serving board wood appetizer trays are a simple way to display a variety of snack foods for any party (formal or informal). With little prep time and lots of wow on the appetizer table, charcuterie boards are your go-to appetizer support system!

Create a beautiful and healthy charcuterie spread with these four tips:


Choose foods in a variety of colors and sizes to create an appetizer masterpiece that will add interest to your table.

For example, try mixing white and orange cheeses. Cut similar items in varying sizes. A pile of nuts pairs well next to a larger volume contrasting color like apple slices or broccoli.


Include smooth and creamy spreads and dips with crunchy and “rough” foods like parmesan chips and specialty crackers to offer a palatable variety.


Make sure you have something for everyone: veggies, meats, cheeses, fruit, grains, and even a small-scale sweet like chocolate covered peanuts.


Making a charcuterie tray for a holiday or special occasion? Create a theme by using your food items to make a shape like a football, holiday tree, or heart. Or, create a theme by color like orange and black for fall or red, white and pink for Valentine’s Day.

Wood From the Hood charcuterie boards also make the perfect hostess gift.

Bring your board wrapped or topped with your favorite appetizers and leave behind for a gift! Wood From the Hood Charcuterie Serving Boards are made of solid reclaimed wood from fallen trees in the Minneapolis area.

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