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Our tree-shaped wooden growth charts are a fun addition to your nursery décor or kid’s bedroom; they make perfect baby shower gifts!  Utilizing reclaimed urban wood made in Minnesota, its natural wood appeal and simple tree shape will stand the test of time.

Our growth chart measures kids of all sizes – from 18” to 6′-4″.  Wall-hung, 5’ tall, up to 7” wide, and about 5/8″ thick, it is printed with a crisp, black ruler.  Finished with an environmentally friendly but durable clear finish.  Includes mounting hardware.  Mark your child’s height directly on the growth chart using a fine point permanent marker.

Note, wood grains will change with the beauty of the individual piece of lumber used to create the product.

“Among all our new “baby” items, our Wood From the Hood Growth Chart is our FAVORITE!” – Thanks, Kristin M.

While Ash may not produce a nut its beautiful to us! Everyone loves our Black Walnut products because of the rich warm color and beautiful grain in the wood. Black Walnut is a valuable timber species that is highly prized for both its wood and its nuts, the nuts are a good source of protein, the wood grain is rich and the trees are beautiful.

Black Walnut trees in the twin cities generally do not come down because of their hardiness, limited disease and overall beauty so we get very few logs. When we get a black walnut we reclaim it completely, we like to use every inch of its beauty. We think the light colored sap wood near the bark is beautiful and should not be wasted.

The Wood From the Hood team wanted to come up with an alternative, a beautiful piece, like the black walnut, that would use the Ash trees being infected by EAB (Emerald Ash Borer).

“Roasted Ash” is thermally modified, meaning it is baked at a much higher temp then our usual kiln dried lumber. This high temp gives it that “roasted” caramel like color, our “new” black walnut option. Ash has an amazing grain that comes to life in the roasting process.We are excited to introduce new products made from a species like Ash that needs to be reclaimed!

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