Thermally Modified Ash Now Stocked in our Minneapolis Lumber Store

The Wood From the Hood Lumber Store is now stocked with 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 Thermally Modified Ash!

Thermally Modified Ash Reclaimed Lumber Wood From the Hood Thermally Modified Ash Reclaimed Lumber Wood From the Hood

Because so many Ash trees are infected by EAB (Emarald Ash Borer) there is an abundance of fallen Ash logs available for us to reclaim. Last year, the Wood From the Hood team explored new ways to utilize the Ash and turned to Finland’s thermo modification process that was discovered around 1915.

Durable. Moisture Resistant. Indoor / Outdoor.

During this process the Ash is modified by controlled heat in absence of oxygen inducing chemical changes to the structures of the cell wall components in the wood. Added benefits of the process include increased durability and rot & moisture resistance making it a perfect indoor or outdoor lumber choice.  The high temperature (much higher than our usual kiln dried lumber) also gives the Ash the “roasted” deep caramel color and amplifies the wood grain.

We think “Roasted Ash” is the new Black Walnut. We have used Thermally Modified Ash on several custom projects such as workplace desks, conference tables, wall units and bar tops – all resulting in custom pieces that radiate beauty, color and character. Thermally Modified Ash uses are endless and only stops at our imagination.

Come spring we will be working on our first decking project using Thermally Modified Ash so stay tuned!

Need some Thermally Modified Ash for your next project? Contact us to schedule an appointment at our Minneapolis Lumber Store to discuss your specific urban lumber needs or to get a price estimate on hardwood lumber or natural edge slabs. We are Open Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Same day appointments available.

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