Black Walnut Kitchen Table Made from Slab

WFTH Customer and Black Walnut Make the Earth Go ‘Round

Black Walnut Kitchen Table Made from SlabEarth Day with a new spin! Wood from the Hood encourages bright ideas revolving around grounded ideals as yet another creative customer celebrates this time-honored tradition. Last year this client saved their distressed tree from the landfill and this year they are enjoying meals around a beautiful 30″x 60″ Black Walnut table fashioned from a pair of book matched slabs with a clear finish.

The table base has sleekly styled slab legs. Distinct and unique sap wood, normally tossed aside in commercial milling, creates an elegant white edge that frames this custom piece making it truly a conversation starter!

What is your bright idea involving Black Walnut? Bring it to the table! We have 3 walnut slabs 18′ long 30-43″ wide rough sawn at 3″ thick air-drying that will be ready to kiln dry soon and be available mid to late 2014.

For more details contact us. Together we can take it from slab to fab!

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