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Wood Table Maker Inspiration – Live Edge River Tables with Epoxy Resin

What is a River Table?

An innovative way to use Wood From the Hood live edge slabs is to make the popular River Table. If you are not familiar, a traditional River Table utilizes two live edge wood slabs with an epoxy resin mix as the water, or river. The variety of character hardwood lumber and resin color lay the foundation for a designer, architect, woodworker or DIYer to build something unique.

Some prefer curvy gnarly pieces of live edge slabs integrated with pops of resin while others look for long, classic natural edge pieces – both adding color and texture while enhancing the beauty of wood.

Selecting, acclimating, cutting, flattening, straightening, squaring up, designing and creating a river table can be a long, intricate process. And, working with character woods can be intimidating and takes skill and commitment for a professional long-lasting result.

Where to Buy a Custom River Table

If you are not up for the challenge and looking for a beautiful finished product – look no further. Our Wood From the Hood custom wood furniture makers and fabricators have the skills needed to produce high-quality finished work for commercial or residential uses. Check out our custom client work and learn more about working with us.

Where to Buy Live Edge Wood Slabs

If you are up for the challenge and looking for a place to buy live edge slabs we’d love to help you select the perfect live edge piece for your epoxy resin table project.  Visit us at our Minneapolis Lumber Store. We have smaller wood slabs under 8′ for coffee tables and dining tables and larger wood slabs for commercial boardroom applications (wood slabs 8′-12′) and (wood slabs over 12′).

You can also shop our slab inventory and buy wood slabs online here at woodfromthehood.com.

For more expert advice check out these video tutorials from MAS Epoxies / Sculpted Panels and the DIY Huntress:

How To Make Epoxy Resin River Tables


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